About me

Animals have always been my passion and I have been brought up with several family pets which led me into my previous job of Equine Veterinary Nursing. I feel at my happiest outdoors with animals and have been fascinated by them from an early age.

I have had several pets including cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, hamsters and three horses. I have two Border Collies, Bella who was born on 14/12/99 and Missi on the 16/8/06. I’ve had them both since puppies. Bella and I enjoyed puppy school classes and with this knowledge I went on to train Missi myself. They enjoy agility and love to jump park benches, or anything you ask them to do! I have owned Morgan, my first horse since 1998, which as a young girl taught me a great deal of responsibility. I’d cycle to the stables twice a day to exercise and care for him (regardless of the weather). I sadly lost Morgan in November 08 RIP. My other horses are called Pablo and Wilby. Pablo was born in 2006 and I brought him as a two year old, Wilby was born april 2010 and I brought him as a five month old foal. I enjoy competing at local shows and riding across the South Downs with my two dogs alongside us.

My previous employment was as an Equine Veterinary Nurse in a large Practice working as part of a close team for three and a half years. I have taken a great deal of experience from this job and caring for animals is part of my life, which has led me to starting my own business- ‘Paws Outdoors’.

"Pablo at his first show as a three year old"

"Pablo competing at the Royal International Horse show / Hiskstead"

me and my dogs