Dog Walking

As a nation we are working the longest hours in Europe, so with no time on your hands why not have your dogs personally walked for you by a friendly, reliable and trustworthy Dog walker. Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans therefore providing them with proper exercise on a daily basis will energise their mind, body and spirit. Some dog behavioural problems are the result of boredom, isolation and insufficient exercise. Overweight dogs age prematurely and that extra walk will help your dog loose some of those unwanted pounds.

Your dog will be collected and returned to your desired location and taken for a 45min- 1 hour walk to a safe and well known wide open space where they can run and socialize with other dogs. Paws Outdoors believe walking too many dogs at a time does not give each dog the attention and exercise they need, deserve and/or wont. Your dog will be walked with no more than five other dogs and their personality’s will be carefully matched. Dogs will only be let off the lead if their re-call is good and I have your permission in writing. All travel time will be kept to a minimum and is not included in the 45min- 1 hour walk time.

"our walks"

Paws Outdoors use a variety of walks to keep your dog interested and happy. Walks include: Lancing Ring, Cissbury Ring, Widewater and Lancing Beach, Lancing Manor, Brooklands Park, Buckingham Park, Findon Valley, The Gallops, High Salvington, Hill Barn Recreation Ground, Coombes Road/The River Adur, Bramber Castle, Steyning Bowl, Beeding Hill, Truleigh Hill, Mill Hill, Southwick Hill and walks along the Downs Link.

Dogs need walking in all weathers including rain and snow. After every walk if wet your dog will be towel dried and paws wiped (as best I can) and I will make sure they are comfortable once home.

Paws Outdoors hold Public Liability Insurance plus Care, Custody and Control, however I strongly suggest you arrange an insurance policy for your individual dog(s) to safeguard yourselves against any costs which can be incurred via veterinary fees or other causes both whilst in my care and yours.