Equine Care

Paws Outdoors has many years experience in all aspects of stable management and equine care including veterinary nursing. If you have already seen the ’about me’ page then your aware I have been a proud horse since 1998. My horses have never been kept on part or full livery as I prefer the DIY way so I can visit and see for myself they are happy and well. After all, the mucking out and changing rugs in the rain is all part of the deal! I know how hard it can be to find someone with both the knowledge and reliability when it comes to looking after your horse. So, if your planning a holiday or simply require help with general yard duties Paws Outdoors can help. Remember, your horse will cope just fine without you, provided their dinner keeps coming and rations are as they should be, their still be as happy and friendly with you on your return. To give you extra peace of mind my last job was as an Equine Veterinary Nurse, so from cleaning and treating a small cut to noticing the first signs of colic your horse is in very good hands. Working at a veterinary practice meant handling all types and breeds from newborn foals to highly strung stallions and race horses.