Home Visits

Visits are available for any type of pet. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, birds and many more. Each will last up to 20 minutes or for as long as you require and include feeding, fresh water, cleaning up of any accidents, cage and litter tray cleaning, let in/out, kitchen work tops and pet areas cleaned after use and of cause lots of playtime, cuddles and TLC. Light household duties are also included at no extra cost so just ask if any of the following are needed. Bringing in mail/milk etc, watering plants, opening and shutting of blinds/curtains and lighting changes for that all important lived-in look. Home security checks will take place on every visit.

Home visits are a popular choice by cat owners who are away from home. Cats are territorial and are easily stressed when removed from their familiar surroundings, therefore by staying at home with there normal diet and routine your cat will remain happy, content and far less stressed then being in a cattery or any other place but home.

Dogs also benefit from this service. If your out for the day Paws Outdoors can visit your dog as many times as you like to make sure they are happy and secure. Play time and being let out to relive themselves will ensure your dog is calm and content upon your return. Please note for extended period i.e. home alone over night I recommend you use the house sitting service.